Makeup & Styling

Makeup are the used of cosmetics and tools to enhance the appearance of one’s face. This is especially a hot favorite among the women as this can instantly beautify a woman’s appearance, enhancing their facial features which may give them a 3-dimensional look. Moreover it can alter a woman’s face without affecting the face structure etc. Most importantly, women find that applying minimum of makeup on their face show respect to the other party and also, it can boost their self-confidence as well. Hence, the trend of makeup will never stop.
化妆,运用化妆品和工具,采取合乎规则的步骤和技巧,对人的面部、五官及其他部位进行渲染、描画、整理,增强立体印象,调整形色,掩饰缺陷,表现神采,从而达到美容目的. 化妆也是女人特别的最爱,因为它能立即美化女人的外观,加强她们的面部特征,给予她们有3D般的效果. 此外它可以改变一个女人的脸,而不会影响脸的结构等. 很多女人也认为在她们的脸上化少许的妆是给对方礼貌,而且也能增加她们的自信心和表现出女性独有的天然丽质,焕发风韵,增添魅力. 所以化妆的趋势永远不会停止.