Ear Candle

Ear Candle therapy relieves sinus pressure and pain, improves hearing, purifies the mind, cures ear infections, eases the pain associated with ear infections and other ear aliments such as ruptured ear drums, aids sinusitis, release blocked energy, cleanse the outer ear, and many more health and spiritual benefits. Ear candle are also best used to treat certain problems involving pain and congestion in the region, for relaxation and treating stress and anxiety problems. It is also beneficial in the treatment of nose and throat congestion, headaches, tinnitus and softens the earwax for easier removal.
耳烛疗法有助减轻耳痛、耳痒、头痛、偏头痛、压力和精神紧张,特别适合患有耳水不平衡、耳鸣、鼻突炎、伤风感冒和失眠人士。疗程完毕后感到身心和谐,呼吸顺畅,嗅觉灵敏,面部线条也会有所改善。香薰耳烛疗法也针对头晕目眩,鼻塞,记忆力不集中,颅内之高低压,情绪不稳定,脑颅内神经失衡,面部精神经痛,咽喉炎等部位治疗. 它能促使颅内热感循环,增加氧能量及活血,畅通每个管道,使积压之废气及负性能量与受伤部位的修护能力增加,全身机能与形体也随之改变.