About Us

In Beauty, a professional face threading beauty centre in Singapore. This is a beauty centre that uses traditional methods to promote the historical art of face threading. in Beauty hopes to instil the image in customers’ minds that Face Threading = in Beauty.

At the company’s initial stage in 2005, there were only 3 beauticians promoting In Beauty service such as face threading and eyebrow tattooing at road shows. All transactions including accounting and service recommendation were manually recorded by hand. Since 2005, a new branch is opened every year: In 2006, the first branch was set up in Tampines; the second branch in Ang Mo Kio was opened in 2007 and the third Toa Payoh branch in 2008.



Our Vision: To create a successful face threading beauty center within 5 years, and allow the modern female to inherit this tradition as well as educate them about the beauty benefits brought about by this traditional art.

Our Mission: Generate greater understanding between the modern female and this historical tradition through modern methods and packaging, allowing this traditional skill to be passed on to future generations. At the same time, benefiting every woman with the beauty benefits brought about by face threading.

挽脸是未来国人的一种生活方式及一种现代的流行文化!因此 IN BEAUTY 创造了一种最经济的美容法。出嫁时母亲拿着一根红线为她挽脸的这一幕,一直深烙在每一个新娘心中。

in Beauty 将这种最原始却又最有效的美容方法发扬光大。因为它是一种文化的流传,也是所有出嫁女儿的一份记忆。

因此,In Beauty 就成为了我国第一家推广挽脸的美容企业。




我们的展望:在5年时间里创造挽脸美容中心的传奇/成功案例,这项传统的美容技术使更多 时尚女性寻回美丽并让她们深入了解这种传统艺术带来的益处。


我们的宗旨:将传统挽脸与现代美容手法相结合 于时尚女性,让更多年轻一代了解、认识传统技术。同时挽脸美容让每 一位女性朋友重回美丽。